One of the most popular destinations in North Sumatra is Berastagi. This is not without reason, of course. We are a fan of this place also because of its versatility. Come along and discover it yourself!

Monang & Anna

Berastagi is a small town located in the hills between volcanoes. It is higher than the rest of North Sumatra, so the climate is less hot. These two characteristics of this landscape make it a very fertile environment. Maybe that’s why the fruit and vegetables taste the best here.

If you decide to put a tour to Berastagi on your wishlist, we will arrange everything for you including transport by private car, accomodation and guiding.
Depending on how many days you woukd like to spend in Berastagi and how much you would like te see and do in and around Berastagi, we can put together a program.
The following things are top notch and highly recommended to do for sure.

Vulcano Sibayak

Highlight of Berastagi is the active vulcano Sibayak. It is possible to hike all the way up to the top at 2212 meter hight. Here you can walk on the egde of the crater or go down and walk inside the crater.


With the car we can bring you as far up as possible. But to reach the top, you’ll have to walk. Of course we can guide you. The track is duable but a conditional challenge. The closer you get, the stronger the smell of sulfur.


To make it more special, it is recommended to watch sunrise from the top or go up with sunset.
A little luck is needed though to have good weather conditions. Sometimes the top is covered in clouds. But it’s always breathtaking.


Pasar Buah

Like I mentioned before; Berastagi is famous because of it’s fresh and tasty fruit. The fruit market (pasar buah) is therefore something not to be missed.

Traditional House

The original inhabitants of this area are Batak. The Batak are divided into related peoples, each with their own language. Berastagi is a Karo Batak region. The Batak have many traditions and it is very nice to make a cultural trip to an original traditional village.


We can take you to a village where people still live as they did a century ago. You can even take a look inside a Batak house. It is hard to believe what you see there. Very impressive!


If you have more time and you’re able to stay longer in Berastagi there are more things to discover.
For example we could bring you to nearby waterfalls, a beautiful Buddhist temple where you can pose in national costume, relax in thermal baths that are provided with warm water from the natural springs of the volcano or a trip to a ‘ghost town’ at the bottom of the other infamous volcano ‘Sinabung’.

That last activity is very impressive with the volcano spewing constant volcanic ash in the background. The surrounding villages are uninhabitable because they are buried under a layer of ash from the last major eruptions. All around you see how life just stopped overnight. How people had to leave everything behind. To be silent.

This is as close as you can get on an active vulcano.

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