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Who we are & What we offer

Hello and Welcome to our website!
We are Monang from Bukit Lawang and Anna from the Netherlands. We combined our strengths so that we can offer you an unforgettable time and experience in the North of Sumatra, Indonesia.
We wish for everyone to make new good memories, and maybe even starting a new story of life, like us… 😉
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Book a flight to Medan and start from there to discover the North of Sumatra which offers jungle, vulcanic areas, the beautiful Lake Toba, waterfalls, village life and even tropical white sanded beaches.

We guide, organize and provide all.

Everything is possible:
Tours with a private car to bigger places like Pulau Weh, Berastagi and Lake Toba with beautiful famous and hidden sightseeing spots on the way.
Or tours in the area of Bukit Lawang to see the local life, ricefields, experience river joy and see elephants.

Although the real must-do is a jungle trek to see the amazing and unique wildlife of Sumatra.
It’s our main attraction and recommendation!

Let us know your time of staying and your wishes.
We can help you make a plan and everything you need.
It’s all up to you:
choose & combine!

Where to find us & Good to know

Sumatra is the second largest Island of Indonesia but certainly the most divers one.

We are located in Bukit Lawang, the village who has the jungle of the Leuser National Park as it’s backyard. The place is known for jungle treks where you can see wild and semi-wild orang-utans.
From here we are happy to organize your dream tour, trek, transport and stays.

Information about the history of Bukit Lawang, the Gunung Leuser National Park & conservation of the rainforest.

For who? – For anyone from every age!
Backpackers, families with children, couples, group of friends or elderly: for everyone there is something suitable to do and see.

When? – All year long!
It is possible to visit Bukit Lawang during the whole year. There is only a small change in season and weather, but overall it is around 30 degrees and every day there is the possibility of rain (mostly in the afternoon). That is why it is so green!

Costs & Prices
We are happy to make up a personal quotation according to your wishes.
Overall the prices for trekking and tours are about the same and just a little variable. But of course you can make it as luxury or basic as you like.

Do’s & Dont’s

  • Be sure and bring enough cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Certainly in the village the’re no ATM’s and everything is paid in cash.
  • Bring some clothes to cover your shoulders and knees (women) or to wear over your bikini when swimming between local people.
  • Try to join a saturday night in Bukit Lawang. It’s the only night with life music and the chance to party jungle style.
  • Check the period of Ramadan. Everything is still possible but slightly adjusted and at the same time a hospitable experience.
  • Take precautions for insects and necessary vaccinations. Ask your local travelclinic for advise.
  • It is possible to rent a scooter so bring an international drivers license and enjoy exploring the area by bike, possibly with guide.

So what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to meet you!

Monang & Anna

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Sumatra Jungle Travel Tours
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