Jungle Trekking

On this page of our website you find all the information you need to get ready for your own jungle trek. We are happy to be your guide!

Monang & Anna

Imagine you wake up in Bukit Lawang, put on your comfortable trekking outfit, have a solid breakfast, meet up with your jungle-guide, take a group picture and start of walking in to the jungle. You feel excited and maybe a little bit nervous of what to expact.
After ten minutes walking you find yourself on a dirt track with green all around you. There comes the first climb up and maybe you meet already a Thomas Leaf Monkey.
Up ahead is the sign: Welcome to Gunung Leuser National Park. “Do you know where you are? In the jungle, baby!
Sounds good? Then book with us so we can give you this unforgettable experience.

This protected big nature area is known for the unique and variety of flora and fauna.
It is among many others the endangered home of leopards, gibbons, the Sumatran tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants, colorful birds, the playful Thomas Leaf Monkey and of course the orangutans.
Some of these species you can only find here where they still live in the wild.
Only with a trained and licensed guide like Monang you are allowed to enter the National Park and see some of these animals in their natural habitat. But of course doing a jungle trek is more than just seeing orangutans.
So let’s get serious: continue reading and get all the information about a jungle trek.

The Trek

  • A day before the trek starts we will meet personally and talk you through everything and help you prepare.
  • We bring up to 6 people in one group. The minimum is 3 people. If you are travelling alone or as a couple we can link you to others or you can get a private tour but pay for 3 people. The reason for this is organizational.
  • You can determine the lenght of your trek from 1 day to 6 days and 5 nights. Of course it makes a difference in experience and has influence on what you will see.
  • We costomize the trek. Depending on your wishes, your fitness and condition we can make the trek more easy or more hard. Also the guide keeps a trained eye on you and built in as much as needed reststops and adjusts the tempo. undefined
  • Monang is a professional guide and sometimes an assistent guide joins him. Monang speaks English and can explain a lot about the rainforest and it’s residents. He is very capable of spotting and tracking animals you’d like to see.
    Sometimes Anna joins on a jungle trek. She speaks fluent Dutch, German and English. This can be a request from guests.
  • The jungletrek includes a jungle permit, the guide(s) and food. If you stay overnight in the jungle, the campside is included too.
    If you have any dietary requirements just let us know!
  • Last but not least: of course we will bring you to great viewingpoints, fairytale creeks, hidden waterfalls and do our best for you to spot as much animals as we can. But there is never a 100% guarantee that you will see an orangutan for example. Please keep in mind that this is not a zoo.

Jungle Camp

Personally I would say a jungle trek without at least one night in a jungle camp is not getting the full jungle experience. You get so much more from sleeping in the jungle.


A camp is always set near a riverbank. So you can refresh yourself, swim and relax after a day of trekking. Some camps are bigger than others who are more deep in the jungle. The sound of the river or sidestream is very calming during the night and the best spot for drinking an afternoon tea with a Indonesian biscuit.


When you arrive in the camp we will show you where you sleep and where you can put your belongings. You wil have enough privacy and time to change and take a rest.
You sleep in a waterproof tent on a small matrass. We can bring a blanket and a pillow but of course you can bring your own sleepingbag. A mosquito net is optional too.


In the meanwhile diner will be made. It’s absolutly amazing what the boys can cook in the jungle! It can be very romantic with candlelight. Of course we can take into account previously communicated dietary requirements.


After dinner it is magic time! The guides are real entertainers and know many tricks and games to play until you feel sleepy.

Monang has card tricks I saw many times and still I can’t figure out how he is doing it!


The guides make you feel totally safe in the camp. They make sure no unwanted animals enter your sleeping place. They stay always close and standby.


Like in a hotel you get full service and at the time you wake up and realize where you are (feels mindblowing) you’ll be welcomed with a breakfast. If you are Lucky some jungle habitants visit the camp out of curiosity.


After breakfast it is eather time to pack up and trek on or see some more from the campside surroundings. Visiting a waterfall nearby and enjoy a natural beauty treatment including jungle make-up is what makes good jungle fun!


.Jungle Taxi Driver


On your last day of jungle trekking there is the choice of trekking back to Bukit Lawang or take the ‘jungle-taxi’.

Most people choose to go rafting back! It is a small additional cost but a very fun activity to end your jungle trek with.


The’re more than one good reason to choose rafting back. First of all it is something different. Second you can trek more far into the jungle because rafting back is much faster than trekking back. Which also means the last day of your trek you have more time to relax at the camp, enjoy the sun at the riverside or walk around and take more pictures of these beautiful jungle spots.


Rafting back is also available for those who do a one day trek. And it is safe for everyone. Children can get a life jacket.


And don’t worry about your stuff. It will be totally dry because they wrap it up in strong plastic waterproof bags.


What to bring and not forget?

  • A backpack
  • Suitable trekking shoes
  • comfortable clothes (sportswear)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Something to capture your jungle experience with

    Additional if you stay overnight in the jungle:
  • Flashlight
  • Soap/Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Towel
  • Flipflops
  • Sleepingbag (optional)

Here you will find the jungle as you expect it in Indonesia.

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