Lake Toba & Samosir Island

For a well known attraction like Lake Toba and Samosir Island you wouldn’t expect to find such a relaxed and calm atmosphere. This is a real getaway for us. A perfect holiday location where we’ve already made beautiful memories.
Book a tour with us and we guarantee good holiday memories for yourself.

Monang & Anna

Lake Toba is really worth a visit. The route along the lake has many viewing points. Nature here is surprisingly different from the rest of North Sumatra.
But honestly, it is only complete if you also take the ferry to Samosir island.

The lake was created after a volcanic eruption. The lake is one of the largest, deepest and highest located in South East Asia.
The island Samosir is located in the middle of Lake Toba. Here you can do most activities and there are wonderful places to stay over night.

Lake Toba

Lake Toba is especially fun to explore from a car that drives along the coast. There you will come across many places to get out, take in the amazing view, take photos and take a break.


Samosir Island

From Parapat you can take a ferry to the Island. The ferry drops you at the waterfront of your chosen guesthouse. Most are located in the place called ‘Tuk Tuk’ which can be considered as the center of the island.


Sights Samosir

In Tuk Tuk you can rent a scooter which is highly recommended to explore the island.
You will encounter many beautiful things. The greenery, rice fields, small quiet beaches and lots of culture.


Everywhere you will see the Toba Batak culture. Especially the houses stand out.
We know the address for an informative and nice tour in an original Batak village.
Here you get in a fun and imaginative way behind the history and traditions of the Toba Batak.


As an example, you can start your trip to Lake Toba from Medan. This is where you land and we could pick you up. Or you can go to Lake Toba after visiting Bukit Lawang, that’s also doable. Eatherway we can drive you with a private car and guide you, as much as you like us to.
We can arrange accomodation and can show you all best sights.

Green and blue like on a perfect postcard.

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