Pamah Semilir

A road trip, an amazing view at sunrise and an adrenaline rush on a swing. We look forward to bring you to this still undiscovered environment.

Monang & Anna

Mostly we leave around three in the morning from Bukit Lawang by private car to arrive at time of sunrise at the first viewing point. We can recommend doing that.

From there on you can explore more of the photogenic area. Of course we will guide you and drive you from point to point. Until you’ve seen enough and we drive back to Bukit Lawang.
Another option is to make this as a day trip by bike.
Or, as the most tourists choose: to make this as an in between stop on a tour to Berastagi. Because Pamah Semliri is on it’s way.

Viewing points

There are countless infinite viewpoints in the area called ‘Pamah Semilir’.
From higher places you look over green valleys.
Numerous places have been made to take a fantastic photo. Whether it is a tourist snapshot or a painting of untouched nature: the photography possibilities are endless.



If you are a little bit of a daredevil then this swing is a must do! They chain you to the swing, pull you really back up high – you have to hold yourself tight – and then the moment comes they let you fly without ground under your feet!

Of course there are more smaller (and safer) swings to try.



Whether you choose to go by car or scooter, whether it is an undertaking activity itself or part of a tour, the option to camp somewhere unique in this area is certainly available and we can arrange it.


What has not yet been discovered by tourists is what makes this place extra special.

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