Pulau Weh

Are you someone who has the sun and beach as required holiday ingredients? Then Pulau Weh is perhaps the biggest surprise that can easily be combined with a visit to the jungle.
White beaches, tropical views and relaxation guaranteed!

Monang & Anna

Pulau Weh is a tropical island with jungle inland and white beaches on the coast. It is clear, accessible and touristy but not crowded like the popular Gili party islands.
It is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

From Bukit Lawang we can take you to the port in Banda Aceh. From there, the journey continues by ferry. You can choose between a fast and slow ferry. We recommend choosing the quick option as the slightly higher price is well worth it.

We can arrange and guide you as much as you want. It is even possible that we bring the car to the Island aswell. We know how to find the beautiful spots on the Island and are happy to show you around.

Sabang is the largest city on the Island and the place to enter. As soon as you set foot on land, you’ll see many locals try to offer you transport to your accommodation.
We recommend that you rent a scooter in advance. We can help you with that.

A scooter is the best way to travel and explore the Island. It gives you much freedom and possibilities such as finding the hidden waterfall, go the panoramic point ‘Kilometer 0’ or just drive and enjoy the view and stop wherever you’d like.

Banda Aceh

It is highly recommended to plan the trip so that you have a little time to spend in Banda Aceh.
Here you will find especially interesting museums and traces of the devastating tsunami of 2004.

Very impressive to find a mega large ship left behind by the waves in the middle of the city. A visit to the memorial for the victims is not to be missed.


Sometimes a pretty beach and sun is all you need, right?! Well on Pulau Weh you find many beautiful bays in the typical blue-green colors that make it Paradise. Together with the white sanded beaches and cute places to drink a cocktail or fresh coconut this is a perfect daytime activity.


Coral and other ocean life

Snorkling & Dolphins

One thing to plan during your stay on Pulau Weh is spotting Dolphins and make a snorkling trip. This can be booked as a one day trip.
A small fishing boat will pick you up early in the morning at your accomodation to to track down Dolphins.


Then you will sail from place to place to snorkel at your leisure. The coral reefs surrounding the island are known for being untouched and a wide variety of colorful tropical fish. Also the mantra ray, sea turtles and sometimes even sharks can be seen on a snorkeltrip.


An extra treat is the underwater vulcano! This is an a unique underwater experience that not many people know about.


It’s time for the beach, snorkling & chilling.

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