Waterfall Sipiso Piso

We like to surprise our guests with a little extra. This is one of them: a true natural wonder in a great location. If you are going to Lake Toba with us, this is the ultimate stopover for lunch.

Monang & Anna

Do you like waterfalls as much as we do? Then this is definitely one that you should not miss! It is one of the largest waterfalls in Indonesia with a height of 120 meters.
In addition, the waterfall is already very impressive and photogenic from above. If that is not enough, you can take the climb down which takes about half an hour and will demand a lot from your legs.

Sipiso Piso

This waterfall is easy to visit in a non-tourist atmosphere. The parking area is at the top. You will be inmediately surprised by the fantastic view. And the very good viewspots for taking beautiful pictures.

Walk down

On the way down – which consists of many natural steps – you will find that you want to take a break more often to simply enjoy the view of the waterfall. If you are brave enough to climb the last stretch over the rocks for a photo, keep in mind that you will not stay dry!

View at Lake Toba

The waterfall is located north of Lake Toba, another very popular destination of North Sumatra. From the top you have a first view of this beautiful lake, which is often the next or previous destination of our guests.

Nature. Wonders and surprises.

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